"To provide resources for a hydroponic farm to empower, students to sustain the growth and prosperity of school children in Linaca, Honduras. By creating a socially responsible business plan, we are impacting the lives and futures of these students and their community."



highschool students lanacaWe have partnered with the World Resource Group to provide funding to 12 high school students in Linaca, Honduras to start a self-sustaining Hydroponics farm. On October 21 st, 2015 as a chapter we launched an campaign to generate funding for this project.   We are asking for $10,000. This money will help the 12 students fund their entrepreneurial dreams as well as make an impact on the school and community. 


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This is not where the story will end. This partnership will be a lasting relationship that will bring multiple projects to help countless people. Besides hydroponics other projects are currently in the works and to be released soon.

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